Rowing in St Ayles Skiffs is still off limits for Scots rowers as the 2m social distance is still in place but we are hopeful that on the 24th of August we will get the go-ahead.

Over the weekend of September 19th the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association will be holding the Castle to Crane Five Miles From Home Race. It is a Covid-adapted version of our Castle to Crane Race in which fixed seat rowing teams are invited to row in their home waters a distance of 5 miles as an out-and-back course ending at the starting point.
Results will be submitted in the form of a screenshot from a tracking app like Strava. Times will be corrected using the Greenock Yardstick and prizes awarded. There is no entry fee for the race. The time window for crews to complete the course will be the 48 hours from 1200 Friday 18th September to 1200 Sunday 20th September.
The link for entries is We are encouraging entries from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Spain and Italy.