St Ayles Skiff International

The Boat Kit

The kit for the St Ayles Skiff has been designed by Jordan Boats from the original boat design by Iain Oughtred.  Jordan Boats have been manufacturing boat kits since 2003.

The kit design for the St Ayles has been thought through from the outset to produce a beautiful and comparatively easy boat that can be built by people with little or boat building experience.  What is required is patience, and a reasonable degree of practical ability.

We do not want you to have to invest a fortune in tools, so for the most part, the tools required are those found in most keen DIYers toolbox. If you have access to a friendly joiner sympathetic to the idea of building the boat, this will help considerably.

The basic kit from Jordan Boats comprises:

  • A set of plans
  • The planking and frames, CNC cut in Lloyds Type Approved Marine Plywood
  • The moulds over which the boat is built, CNC cut from WBP Plywood
  • patterns for shaping the stems

The timber for the gunwales, keel and seats will be available as packs separately from timber suppliers who will have the cutting list. Jordan Boats will not be selling these directly.

The paint for the boat will also be purchased separately, as this will be required much later in the build.  We strongly recommend that Marine Paints are used – they are more expensive, but properly applied, they do the job they are designed to do.

Before committing yourself to this build, please be aware that though Jordan Boats and Iain Oughtred have done their best to simplify the build, it is not a model kit that can be put together in a few hours. We are estimating that it will take a team of four or five people five or six months to build in spare time after work and at weekends. If you can dedicate more time to it, it can be built in less. The prototype had roughly the equivalent of two very knowledgeable people working on it full time and was complete in about a five weeks work. Painting took another 10 days to give a workboat finish.

Still interested?
You can find out more of the process by visiting Reading Iain Oughtred’s “Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual” ISBN 0-937822-61-2 will also give you plenty more inspiration.

If you have any questions about the boat or the build, please call Alec Jordan on +44 (0)7983 225517.


Planking only kits are available for building second and subsequent hulls.  These contain the frames and planking only, and do not include the plans.

Special Rates apply to kits purchased by Local Authorities and certain other bodies requiring Credit terms.