The next SkiffieWorlds will be in the summer of 2022. The bidding process is still to be announced.


The Host Criteria Basic Requirement are as follows:- 


  • The course shall be on salt or brackish water, out and back to be about 2,000 metres (or slightly less) there shall be a minimum of 15 lanes spaced 20 metres apart
  • The host shall be able to work with local clubs and their national associations
  • There shall be sufficiently sheltered water that we can be confident of running the entire event over the week
  • There shall be sufficient facilities and infrastructure to launch, berth and recover between 50 and 100 skiffs
  • Access to a large covered space for opening and closing sessions
  • There shall be sufficient local mix of accommodation for 1,500 people (catered, self catering and camping etc)
  • The host shall be able to work with local clubs and their national associations to provide sufficient number of skiffs to lend to groups travelling from overseas
  • There shall be reasonable transport infrastructure
  • The site shall be easily accessible for people to come from overseas, with connecting transport readily available
  • The host will be required to programme for a weeks racing and fit in all the race categories within that week (Race categories to be confirmed later)
  • Basic regatta infrastructure shall be provided
  • The host must be able to provide sufficient facilities and boats for umpires, officials and safety officers for the supervision of races and to carry out safety duties
  • The Host shall be able to provide a suitable social programme throughout the event including daily catering and welfare facilities.
  • Readily accessible spectator areas and welfare facilities for competitors
  • Waiting club areas for secure storage of kit.


For further information please contact the Secretary St Ayles Skiff International – Andrew Rendle