St Ayles Skiff International

Guide to building the St Ayles Skiff

These is a resource page that contains information as to the building of a St Ayles Skiff. St Ayles Skiff International encourages the building by communities of their own boats. The minutes of agreement of the association’s constitution state:

New Skiff in the Netherlands – Giessen-Rijswijk

Sharing the values of Community and Equality of Opportunity which have been central to the development of the St Ayles Skiff class. SASI should maintain the community focus of the St Ayles skiff movement, encourage groups to build their own boats and equipment, and ensure that no group is put at a disadvantage from having built its own boats and oars. Specifically with regard to measurement rules the parties agree that:

  • The boats to be raced shall be available to as many people as possible.
  • The quality of the boats shall be dependent on the skills of the builders.
  • The success of a skiff in racing shall be dependent on the effort, skills and seamanship of its crew rather than being dependent on being able to afford the purchase of expensive specialist materials outwith the financial resources of other boat owners, or use of specialist boatbuilding techniques outwith the abilities of the handy amateur.
  • Racing craft should be as evenly matched as possible.
  • Builders and users must not compromise the safety and longevity of the boats in order to achieve speed.
  • Builders and users must abide by the spirit of the rules to achieve these aims.


Build Instructions
Measurement Rules
Oars – Notes & Plans
The Boat Kit

Existing builders are encouraged to share what they consider to be the best developments that they have made, so that others can adopt them.